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Oct 21st
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I pledge allegiance to my independent girls in here.

Oct 20th
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Oct 20th
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Camila and Normani during Don’t Wanna Dance Alone 10/19/14
Oct 20th
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lauren being super fucking cuddly 

Oct 20th
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OT3 as hell

Oct 20th
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Oct 20th
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ally in awesomenesstv’s takeover episodes (part 3)

Oct 20th
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At 2:18, I received a text from an unknown number telling me to meet Fifth Harmony. Since I knew prior that Camila Cabello had saved my number, I answered it and told my friends that Shawnii and I had to go. This was about 2:42 because I was spending so much time trying to help my sister win some dumb quarter game. After waiting and wandering around to find the correct place to go, management or well someone took us back to meet Fifth Harmony. When we walked into the room, Camila met us outside and gave us both hugs and told us how happy she was to meet us. The room had a rug (I had a hard time getting my sister’s wheelchair over) and two lamps and Camila’s phone and someone else’s I’m not sure of. The man kept telling us we had time for a few selfies and to meet them and that was it but naturally Camila wanted to talk. She asked about what music we listened to (I stupidly blurted out you) and asked about my sister’s tattoo. I was at a loss for words honestly. I panicked. I gave her a journal that I had written her a letter in. She told me she’d read it later and was super excited. She complimented my bow and my sister’s hair. We went to take pictures and my sister went first with Camila. I went next and we both tried to be cute and like lifted our legs and we both fell backwards on to the couch. Take two: same thing happened and I remarked “we need more balance for this” and it made me laugh super hard. (update i evidently broke my wrist during this occurrence, so worth it.) We kept talking until they said that Camila was going to be late for whatever she was supposed to be doing. I don’t even know how many hugs we shared or how many times I thanked her. I did not cry the very first time! (Okay as we left, I was slightly teary but no tears fell!). Also Camila followed my sister on twitter as we were walking out.

I took my sister and we began trying to find my friends. I somehow like managed to get us across the entire fair in like two minutes and then my phone started to ring and so I answered it again and they asked me if it was possible to come back down to the room so I said sure of course and I somehow managed to get there fairly quickly. They told me we had made a good impression on Camila and that the rest of the girls wanted to meet us. We walked (rolled for my sister) in and went into a much bigger room where all of the girls were and also Malika, Dinah’s mom. We originally were all together and took a picture but somehow Camila, Dinah, Ally and I ended up separating ourselves to talk and Lauren, Normani and my sister stayed together. First off, the girls are gorgeous. Like they literally are just so beyond beautiful and they are so incredibly kind. I don’t know how many complements the two of us got. Once again, my words seemed to disappear. I was doing fairly well and being happy and such until I began talking to Dinah specifically about my family. I ended up crying really hard. I’m not ready for my sister to go. I need her. She is my best friend; she’s my rival; she’s my everything. I spend so much time trying to balance school and home and hospital and the fact that the girls noticed how much I put into it made me so happy because I just feel like I’m handling everything wrong. The more they talked to me, the more I felt like I was doing something worthwhile. To me, I just get through the day, one after another. The fact that the girls (Dinah) called me “superman-superwoman”, and told me how strong I was, was so just nice to hear I guess. That doesn’t nearly express how much I appreciate it. I got a banana lol the girls were attempting to get me to eat but I wasn’t that hungry. My sister now makes fun of me for only choosing a banana to eat when the girls literally had everything lol

My sister told me her and Lauren mostly talked about me and her tattoo and music. She had a really good day. Thank you so much for everything you did Camila. You are so kind hearted and generous. You’re also incredibly gorgeous.

I just want to thank everyone that made this happen, all of the Harmonizers who saw my post and reblogged it and sent it to Camila. Camila, you honestly have made my life worthwhile. Both of us will remember this for the rest of our lives. You have given me so much and I just hope you honestly know that I appreciate it. I love you so much! Thank you so so so much!(:

Oh! about the concert, that was literally so perfect. As you probably already know Camila changed up some of her vocals and they were so pretty! The girls were really, really good. (: Love you girls so much!

Also I forgot to get an autograph :/ lol I even had a sharpie and their EP. #dumb

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Oct 20th
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"Reflection" live at the AZ State Fair 10/19/2014 

Other videos from the AZ State Fair:

Oct 20th
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Lauren during Who Are You +

srsly one of the most beautiful people ive ever seen